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Will it Hurt My Custody Case if I Move Out Without the Kids

This articles by Steve Raiser, a top rated Los Angeles Criminal Attorney. Leaving an unpleasant or even dangerous situation without your kids may affect your ability to regain custody at a later date. Unfortunately, this sends a message to the court that the other parent is more suitable to keep physical…

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What Rights Will I Have With a Joint Custody Arrangement

Individuals enlisting the help of a divorce attorney tend to seek clarification when it comes to child custody. There are understandably many questions one might have regarding their personal rights as a parent as well as the previous partner’s legal rights. Each unique scenario is navigated according to the “Child’s…

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What if I was unable contact him about our change of address

During separation and divorce proceedings, both spouses will likely be advised by their lawyers to communicate about their marital issues through legal representatives. This is especially true when the divorce is acrimonious and the spouses are unable to have meaningful or amicable discussions. The attorneys are then able to exchange…

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What does legal custody mean

There are a number of situations where a person may attempt to gain legal custody for a child. When a parent has legal custody, they have the right to make all important legal decisions that affect a child. This involves such things as education, religion, healthcare, general welfare and more….

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What are possible custody arrangements if the parents live in two states

Raising children when the parents live apart can be challenging, but a custody arrangement when parents live in different states introduces new challenges in making a fair custody agreement. Ideally, the custody arrangement should ensure the child has a strong relationship with both parents, regardless of distance. Which State Handles…

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Is Homosexuality Recognized Grounds for a Religious Annulment

It is common knowledge that divorce is used to remedy a failed marriage. One spouse petitions the court to dissolve the union by alleging irreconcilable differences or some other reasons based on state requirements. Eventually, a decree of divorce is granted to end a marriage that, although it was validly…

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Can supervised visitation be part of our custody agreement

Crafting a custody agreement can be difficult. There’s a reason, after all, that most custody arrangements are put together by the courts. If you are in the midst of putting together your custody arrangement, it may be difficult for you to determine what you can and cannot do. The field…

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Can he get custody because I had an affair?

When one spouse has been found to be cheating, the other spouse might file for divorce, but that doesn’t mean that the victimized spouse will have more rights than the cheating spouse. The cheating spouse might be wondering about child custody matters in the impending divorce. The custody of the…

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How much will it cost to file for divorce?

Going through a divorce is always an incredibly challenging emotional situation. While it can be very stressful and difficult, the cost of a divorce can be significant. There are many different expenses that you will incur as a result of filing for divorce, many of which can be avoided and…

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Would the court allow our children to be split up?

There’s often a fear that children can be split up after a divorce. If you’re a fan of movies, you may think that the court has an unlimited amount of power to dispose of your children as they wish. You might have a fear that your ex’s ‘favorite’ child may…

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Would our marriage be valid if his divorce wasn’t yet finalized?

If a person gets remarried before their divorce is finalized, the new marriage will not be valid. A person must have their marriage legally terminated before they can get married again. Being married to two people at once is considered bigamy, which is illegal in the United States. This means…

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Will I have to go to court at any time during my divorce

For your divorce, you might have more than one visit to the court house, but you’ll have at least one. Some divorces are quick and tidy. The participants agree on everything and the case proceeds amicably. They will still have to stand in front of a judge and tell him…

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