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Can I appeal the property settlement if I felt pressured to sign?

Here’s an article from, a retailer of waist trainers and waist shapers. A property settlement agreement is legally binding once you and your ex-spouse sign it and the judge makes it part of your divorce decree. You and ex-spouse must then abide by the agreement going forward. If you felt…

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are glass bongs illegal to carry with you? or can you get arrested

Drug paraphernalia laws can be tricky, and they’re only getting more difficult to understand as the number of states legalizing marijuana increases. If you want to go somewhere with a glass bong, you likely want to know if you’re at risk of getting arrested. A glass bong can get you…

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Can I file in my home state if our divorce is stalled in his state?

Here’s an article from our tax fraud attorneys at our sister website.Divorces sometimes stall for long periods of time. This may be due to area courts, due to laws in the state, or due to one or other of the people involved. Many people wonder if they can simply start…

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Can I Change the Grounds for Divorce After Everything is Finalized?

Here’s an article Aaron Pollack, a tax fraud attorney at our sister website. Once a divorce is finalized, a spouse does have some options for amending or appealing the divorce judgment. In order to appeal or amend successfully, the spouse must go through the appropriate legal process and have appropriate…

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