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Suffolk County Alimony and Maintenance Lawyers

Alimony is a monthly payment that one spouse is suppose to make to another in line with a court decision or settlement agreement. Alimony is meant to correct the unfair financial effects arising from a divorce. You can only receive alimony if you are unable to fulfill your basic needs without the…

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suffolk county Orders of Protection Lawyers

What You Need To Know About Protection Orders A protection order is a court order issued by a judge requiring a person to do or not to certain things. Protection orders are also known as restraining orders and can be used in both non-criminal and criminal situations. In civil cases,…

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Brooklyn prenup agreement lawyers

A prenup, or prenuptial agreement, is a legally binding contract that is created before marriage. Prenups usually list the property and debts that belong to each person and specify each person’s property rights in the case of divorce. Creating a prenup agreement offers many benefits and not just for the…

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Manhattan prenup agreement lawyers

Many couples who are planning to get married choose to enter into a prenuptial agreement. It is a very personal decision and requires a great deal of thought. Perhaps one person in the couple wants to have a prenup drawn up, but the other may not be happy about the…

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Bronx child support lawyers

Whether you’re seeking to establish a new child support order or looking to have your child support order modified, you want to make sure that the child support amount is accurate according to New York law. Generally, parents pay a percentage of their income in child support. However, there are…

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Queens prenup agreement lawyers

In today’s world where a new celebrity is born every minute, separations and divorces are also becoming more common. When they occur, prenuptial agreements usually make their way into the news. Because of this, most people assume prenuptial agreements are needed only by celebrities and others who have a vast…

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Bronx uncontested divorce lawyers

During an uncontested divorce, you and your partner agree about the issues affecting your divorce. After you have resolved all issues, there is no need to go to court. However, you will be required to file a marital agreement and court forms that show the agreements you have made on pertinent…

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Bronx prenup agreement lawyers

Marriage is a contract. The decision of two individuals to become life partners springs from a great deal of love, respect, hope, and commitment. But in the end it is the law that defines the nature of marriage; it makes two separate estates into one, and gives each person claims…

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Manhattan uncontested divorce lawyers

The life you envisioned with your spouse has not exactly come to fruition. Now, you are contemplating ending your marriage. Although divorcing is a harsh reality, it does not necessarily need to be an unpleasant one. Your parting of the ways can be an amicable one if you were to…

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Bronx child custody lawyers

In Bronx child custody cases, the laws can create challenges to settling disputes, where the relationships of the parties have already created a complex situation. Even where the parties seeking custody are in relative agreement in most matters, there still may be issues of contention and other details regulated by…

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Manhattan postnup agreement lawyers

Statistics show that approximately 40% of marriages end in divorce. As such, it is critical that married people plan accordingly in case things go awry. One way of planning for such an occurrence if you didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement is to sign a postnuptial agreement. Postnuptial agreements are signed after a…

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Brooklyn contested divorce lawyers

A divorce is contested when the parties involved fail to agree on key and substantial issues. These may include, child custody, visitation rights, property division, debt division, spousal support, and alimony. In most cases, a contested divorce is lengthy and complicated. If you are contesting a divorce in Brooklyn New…

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