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Bronx Prenuptial Lawyers

Marriage is considered by the law as a contract between two individuals. Unless marriage couples create an agreement that is legally binding and states otherwise, the law of the state where both parties will live governs property rights. A premarital agreement also known as a prenup or prenuptial agreement allows couples to set terms of possession rights in the marriage. There are many reasons to consider hiring Bronx prenuptial lawyers. We shall be discussing the roles a prenup attorney plays.


A prenuptial agreement will spell out how assets will be distributed in case of death or divorce. Such agreements vary widely and may also include terms for assets forfeiture due to divorce on adultery grounds. Additional guardianship conditions can also be included. For most couples, this kind of agreement is always a smart choice. It helps you protect the premarital assets, including planning for the unexpected as you start the marriage relationship. Bronx prenuptial lawyers draft and review the prenuptial agreements on your behalf.


Most people who own businesses (among other valuable assets) as well as people who wish to get married for the second time and would like to preserve property for their kids often consider prenuptial agreements. The agreement needs to be substantially fair and must be executed appropriately and procedurally.


What a prenuptial lawyer can do


Lawyers are accomplished and experienced in creating outstanding premarital agreement arrangements that assist all parties in feeling comfortable before they can say their vows. Depending on the firm you choose, you can get free consultations. The lawyers understand that marriages differ and that they need to pay close attention to the specifics of each case. You should never go for a template approach when it comes to such delicate matters. A lawyer offers an honest approach for assessing your financial situation and ensures that each marriage segment is covered in the agreement. When no stone goes unturned, then you can be sure that no detail is left to an arbitrator. The lawyer handles each potential claim, ensuring you’re wholly covered before you can say “I do.”


Things included in a prenuptial agreement


The consequences for forgoing a prenuptial agreement can be devastating when couples split. This is why you need work with an attorney who is seasoned in the divorce law too; a person who knows how a prenuptial agreement is composed to ensure that you are protected no matter what happens.


Note that the composition of such an agreement will vary depending on the case at hand. However, some standard components considered are:


  • Assets such as property homes, stocks and retirement funds
  • Disparate debt
  • Kids from the previous marriage
  • Business ownership and interests
  • Disparate wealth
  • Inheritance
  • Elderly parents who need care
  • Potential income increase based on intelligence or talent
  • Degrees being pursued in lucrative professionals such as medicine.

Bronx prenuptial lawyers understand divorce codes and continue to learn more to make sure their credentials remain exemplary. This helps them get rid of the anxiety involved in the premarital agreement process as well as any resistance that may arise from another party. They will work hard to offer a fair and honest approach that can protect your assets, including the other things you have worked so hard to get. It’s your right to hang onto your possessions and integrity in the event a divorce befalls your relationship.

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