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Brooklyn Alimony and Maintenance Lawyers

Divorce can dramatically change the life circumstances of either party. There is need to carefully consider issues that are touching on finances among other things if you are thinking of going the divorce way. Spousal maintenanceor spousal support is at times referred to as alimony. If you think this could be ordered in your case, it is paramount to get clear and accurate information about the law itself and how a court will go about your case and how a lawyer will be of help in your situation. But first things first – what exactly is alimony law and how does it state?


Spousal Maintenance


This is a kind of maintenance, mostly financial, that is paid by either party in the marriage to their spouse after a divorce. It is paid on a monthly basis for a stipulated time or the remaining life of the parties. The latter is also referred as joint lives order. This can only end with the death of either of the spouses or when one of the spouses remarries. However, the court can change it when the circumstances change. This is not, in any case, child maintenance.


Why Does One Have To Pay For Alimony?


Majority of clients can’t immediately come to terms with financially maintaining their former spouse even after they have divorced. Couples are obliged to support each other while the marriage exists. One contradicting thing is that there isn’t an automatic entitlement to partners’ maintenance after the divorce or dissolution. The legislation nonetheless obliges the court to consider if it is possible to arrive at a clean break between couples or if the needs of one of the partner require maintenance to be paid using top-up income from other sources to cater for their needs. A clean break ends financial claims against each other on divorce.


The purpose of spousal maintenance is to cater for ongoing reasonable financial needs of the financially unstable party. This happens when the divorce has changed the course of the other person. For instance, one party may have quit their successful career to focus on maybe the upbringing of children, etc. When the marriage ends, it is expected that moving on with life after giving up their career would be daunting without any form of support or compensation. Now, this is where Brooklyn Alimony courts come in to determine how much the other party will have to contribute and for how long.


Benefits of Hiring an Alimony Attorney


While in such a situation, most people make a big mistake by trying to find guidance from friends, family and even inexperienced attorneys. This specialty has lots of misconceptions and finding a good alimony lawyer in Brooklyn would be necessary since they will give you all the counsel on every aspect of alimony law.


Objective Advice


They often make the process less emotional. They will talk to you about the factors that will affect your future like support and custody to get you completely focused on the end of your divorce process. They also serve as the go-between for you and your partner to ensure you avoid personal confrontations.


Avoid delays


Brooklyn Alimony lawyers ensure the right documentations are filled and adequate information provided, therefore no delays in court proceedings, and divorce is arrived at fast.


Clear binding agreement


While the court can review your divorce documentation, it may be hard for them to comprehend what exactly you want to be achieved. The attorney will ensure your demands are accurately stated and your divorce decree free of errors and possible to enforce.

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