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Brooklyn Family Law Lawyers

There are hundreds of different family law matters to differentiate from in the Brooklyn, New York area. However, there are several more serious family law matters to be discussed.

The main family law matter in Brooklyn, New York would have to be custody. Whenever families separate, the children must go with either one parent or the other. Custody will then be divided concerning days of the week and weekends. What really gets tricky in the custody law setting is holidays. One parent may have a child/children from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and the other parent will have the child/children for the rest of the day.

The next important area of law in Brooklyn, New York is divorce. The divorce rate is the highest it has ever been in New York. It is estimated that every one out of three people in New York City have experienced divorce. Some divorces are mutual, but other divorces are ugly and can last several years or longer.

When it comes to custody, the real implications rest on the children. Children are known to experience depression, anxiety, and other mental and mood changes throughout the divorce process. Children also go through massive confusion when they have to decide which parent is for them. However, children only decide this on rare occasions.

The implications concerning divorce will affect children the same way a custody battle affects them. However, the implications for the divorced couple are very serious. Whatever property the divorced couple has together will have to be divided. The divorced couple will also have to take each other off certain insurances. Additionally, if one party in the case has a retirement plan, the other party may be eligible for a portion of that pension.

There are many ways an attorney can help in both custody and divorce matters. An attorney can act as a mediator and develop a comfortable custody schedule for the parents. This will help the parents stay out of court. This will also help the parents not yell at each other, so the child/children will see co-parenting in a positive manner. A seasoned attorney will also be able to tell if the child is showing any signs severe depression or the like. The attorney will be able to recommend a great doctor for the child. The attorney can even ask the court to appoint a mental health doctor to the case.

When it comes to a divorce, an attorney can handle the custody part of the divorce as mentioned above. When it comes to the divorced couple, the attorney can handle all the divorce paperwork. New York allows people to file pro se, but this can lead to a giant mess if the paperwork is not properly filled out and properly filed in a timely manner. The attorney can help them come to an agreement as to how the property is going to be divided. The attorney can also suggest the court to order the divorced couple to see a mental health doctor if co-parenting is needed or if the parties are expressing thoughts of depression or suicide.

Overall, it is wise for people in Brooklyn, New York to hire an attorney for both custody and divorce matters. There is so much going on during a custody battle and a divorce battle that parties in the case do not have time to deal with the court system or legal documents. It is to leave this to the experts.

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