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Brooklyn Gay & LGBT Family Law Attorneys

The legal landscape in New York State has changed substantially in recent years in terms of how gay and lesbian families are treated. Afforded full protection under the law, marriage is now possible, as is child adoption. Along with these new provisions come legal challenges when certain issues invade the lives of even the healthiest and happiest of families. From child custody issues to hospital visitation rights and virtually every area of the family that has traditionally applied to members of society, Brooklyn gay & LGBT law lawyers can help you in your time of need.

Family Law As It Relates To the LGBT Community in Brooklyn

It is important to understand that members of the LGBT community have the same legal rights in terms of family as anyone else. The days of different policies for people of varying sexual orientations is over. Nonetheless, there are certain issues that members of this community face that are a bit more complex due to social stigma and stereotype. As a result, family law lawyers can be a lifesaver in terms of successfully navigating the legal field that handles such issues as child custody, divorce, visitation, and much more.

A divorce petition is perhaps the most commonly cited of family law cases, but there are many more issues to think about as well. In cases of abuse or neglect, family lawyers will need to be involved as well. If there is the need for a will to be drawn up, children to work out visitation rights with, and property to be divided, that will all come under the purview of family court. These issues can often be resolved outside of court, but only if both parties can reach some sort of agreement. If that cannot happen in an amicable fashion, the issue may very well need to go in front of a judge before it can be decided.

Legal Implications of Family Law in Brooklyn

If there is a family law issue that needs to be decided within the LGBT community, it is important to remember that the answer has long lasting consequences. Many family law issues arise over serious disagreements that can seriously threaten the fabric and makeup of the entire family if not handled properly. This is often why the case proceeds through the court system in the first place. If you are fighting an issue within your own family, you will need a lawyer with you to help ensure that your good name is preserved. Once an adverse judgement is lodged against you, it will be very difficult to ever have it removed.

There are other legal implications to LGBT family law cases in Brooklyn as well. If you have children, and you are going through a divorce, they will become a major part of the proceedings. Because other members of your family, and possibly the community, may not agree with a single gay or lesbian parent raising a child, you will need a lawyer fighting for your custody rights.

How Can Brooklyn Gay & LGBT Family Law Lawyers Help You?

A Brooklyn gay and LGBT family law lawyer can help you in a number of ways. Family law cases can be extremely emotional. You may find it difficult to make rational decisions, particularly if it appears that you are under attack. Your lawyer will be right there beside you, guiding you in the decision making process. Contact our office today to begin getting the representation that you need.

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