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What Rights Will I Have With a Joint Custody Arrangement?

Individuals enlisting the help of a divorce attorney tend to seek clarification when it comes to child custody. There are understandably many questions one might have regarding their personal rights as a parent as well as the previous partner’s legal rights. Each unique scenario is navigated according to the “Child’s…

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What is An Uncontested Divorce

There are two types of divorce, an uncontested divorce and a contested divorce. The first occurs when both parties agree on getting a divorce as well as the terms of the divorce. These terms include everything from the division of assets to custody of any children. A contested divorce is…

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What is a marital settlement agreement in a divorce

When a couple is going through divorce proceedings, a marital settlement agreement can benefit both spouses. This is a document designed to provide written details concerning the terms of the divorce. It will establish the relationship between the couple once the divorce is final. It’s a document designed to cover…

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What if I was unable contact him about our change of address

During separation and divorce proceedings, both spouses will likely be advised by their lawyers to communicate about their marital issues through legal representatives. This is especially true when the divorce is acrimonious and the spouses are unable to have meaningful or amicable discussions. The attorneys are then able to exchange…

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What if hes restricting my access to the kids

Custody restrictions are difficult. When you’re used to living with your children, you are used to having access to them whenever you like. If you are divorced, though, you may be limited by the orders of a judge or by the agreement you made with your former spouse. Unfortunately, there…

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What custody arrangement is if he is abusive

Child custody oftentimes is a challenging issue in divorce proceedings. With that noted, it becomes even more complicated when your husband has a history of some type of domestic abuse. If you have elected to proceed with ending your marriage, you undoubtedly now have many questions about divorce law and…

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Should I file for custody before I file for divorce

In situations where couples know a divorce is imminent, one spouse may decide they want custody of the children. As a result, they choose to file for custody before they have filed for divorce. While this is not common in most divorce proceedings, in certain circumstances a spouse may feel…

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She won’t leave because she’s afraid he’ll get custody

Are you or someone you love in an abusive relationship involving children? Do you fear that your children will be taken away just because you leave your abusive partner? This is a very common fear that many people experience every single year. Below you will find a short list of…

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Will it affect custody if I’m pregnant by another man?

Your life doesn’t end just because your relationship comes to an end. You will still hit major milestones. You will have new relationships. Sometimes, those relationships will get serious. You might even have another child. Whether or not you are still married to your first spouse, this child will change…

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Will it hurt my custody case if I move out without the kids?

Leaving an unpleasant or even dangerous situation without your kids may affect your ability to regain custody at a later date. Unfortunately, this sends a message to the court that the other parent is more suitable to keep physical custody of the kids. Further hampering your ability to get your…

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Will it legally end my marriage if I get a religious annulment?

When a marriage comes to an end, many things change. For some, the biggest issue is one’s legal status. For others, the biggest issues are spiritual. Some marriages don’t just end with a divorce – they end with a religious annulment. When this happens, many are left wondering what their…

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Will My Boyfriend’s DWI Result in My Ex Getting Custody?

Custody disputes can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved. It’s also incredibly complex, which means that you might have many questions that can’t be answered until you consult with an attorney who can listen to the specifics of your case and give you directed advice. While you’re considering an attorney,…

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