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What is custody?

Custody plays an important role in divorce cases, as it is one of the most important factors settled upon if the married couple has children. Different types of custody can be awarded depending on the specific details of the case, but the custody itself ultimately determines which parent is responsible…

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What Would We Have To Do To Stop Our Divorce?

Can you stop a divorce? The simple answer is yes, if you act quickly enough once the divorce petition is filed. Contrary to popular belief, the court system doesn’t want to see a marriage fail. They want to see couples make the decision to work out their issues and move…

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Where do I go for a divorce?

Divorce isn’t something anyone goes into marriage expecting, but it happens in many marriages. The reason you are interested in a dissolving your marriage is irrelevant when it comes down to making the final decision, but many people divorce for various reasons. – Infidelity – Financial reasons – Irreconcilable differences…

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What If He Decided Not to Have Kids After We Married?

Couples tend to put their foot forward in the beginning of their relationship, but the little nuances tend to come out before too long. You don’t want him to know you have terrible morning hair, and he doesn’t want you to know his great aunt always drinks too much…

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What can I take if I move out before our divorce is finalized?

The day you exchanged vows with your spouse you were ecstatic. You had dreams of a bright future filled with financial security, a dream home, travel, and maybe even a few kids. You never imagined you’d find yourself in the middle of a divorce. Your happily ever after didn’t work…

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What if he won’t provide the financial disclosure documentation?

When a couple gets divorced, both parties are often asked to inventory their assets to determine what is joint property and what is separate property. Joint property may include assets such as equity in a marital home, the value of a retirement account or anything else acquired during the marriage….

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What does it mean when I sign a release?

Q. What does it mean when I sign a release? A: In insurance law, a release is a document that certifies that an insurance company has settled a claim to the satisfaction of the person who filed the claim. Basically, a release “releases” the insurance company from responsibility for any…

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What If I Want to Stop the Divorce After Filing Papers

What If I Want to Stop the Divorce After Filing Papers? Divorce is a difficult decision. It’s not one most people come to lightly without ample thought. Several factors go into making the decision to divorce, and reaching that final decision is emotional. When divorce paperwork is filed, an entire…

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Who receives custody of the children in a divorce?

Making the decision to divorce rarely comes easily to any couple, and it’s especially difficult when there are children involved. Parents love their kids, and they want the for them. It’s also human nature to want the for yourself, which is why family law attorneys hear the question,…

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Will the divorce be held in federal or state court?

Q: Will my divorce case be held in federal court or in a New York state court? A: All divorce cases, regardless of the residence status of the plaintiff or the defendant, are heard in a state court. If the divorce was filed in New York, then it will be…

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