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Will the final child support order be less than the temporary order

Life does not cease to exist just because two people decide they want to divorce. Bills still need to be paid and children need to have their needs met. Most divorces can take months to be finalized, leaving one parent in immediate need to care for the children as they…

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Will the temporary custody order be continued at our hearing?

For couples contemplating divorce, one of the most pressing issues involves how the split will affect their children. Along with child support and health insurance for the children, who will have custody is perhaps the most pressing question. In situations where the couple has an amicable separation, custody and visitation…

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Would misspellings on the license invalidate the marriage?

Divorce is never easy. Even if you’re looking forward to the end of a relationship, you might still be looking for ways to avoid the dreaded “D” word. For some, grasping at straws is something of a professional past-time, a method of figuring out how to get out of the…

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Would annulling my first marriage make my second marriage valid?

The question posed in the title of this page is interesting because it would seem to be at first glance a question that should be addressed in a religious or faith based context rather in a civil or secular one. However, it offers an opportunity to examine the differences between…

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Is there a set age when a child can decide where to live?

If you are heading towards divorce, or are now involved in marriage dissolution proceedings, you likely have a good many questions. Indeed, if you and your spouse have children, the number of questions you may have regarding divorce proceedings likely multiples significantly, One question that you likely have centers on…

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Is our marriage void if his Dominican divorce isn’t recognized?

An annulment is often the preferred method of removing a couple’s marital attachment without the stigma of divorce. This is a sought-after solution for religious reasons. It treats the marriage as if it never even existed. The couple doesn’t have to consider themselves divorced on any legal documents. They revert…

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Is joint custody a possibility if he doesn’t even use his visitation?

It can be very frustrating to deal with any kind of custody arrangement. You might used to seeing your child all the time, but you might not be able to do this when your custody arrangement begins. It can be even more frustrating when you have a custody arrangement and…

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Is his marriage valid if a wedding ceremony wasn’t performed?

Marriage is a huge commitment. While it is very much something that’s under the purview of the government, it is also something that huge social and religious ramifications. If you are getting married to someone who has been involved before, you may be looking to figure out what his legal…

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Is child support retroactive to the date of separation?

The court makes a distinction between a non-custodial parent who is refusing to pay court-ordered child support and a parent who has not yet been ordered by the court to pay support. While past due or “back” child support happens when one parent fails to pay court-ordered support on time,…

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How will it affect custody if I live with my parents?

Every state uses a standard where they consider what’s in the interest of the child. It’s sometimes a subjective determination that’s based on the experience of the judge in the case. In some cases, like nursing babies, the mother will get custody because the baby relies on her for…

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How long does it take for a divorce to be final?

Divorce is a major life decision and few people decide to end a marriage without careful deliberation. However, as soon as a married couple begins to consider divorce, the parties want to know how long the divorce process takes and when the divorce will be final. Both the cost of…

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How do we stop support orders if the divorce was dismissed?

Occasionally, a couple involved in divorce proceedings make the decision not to conclude a marriage dissolution case. There are a number of steps that need to be taken when it comes to winding down rather than proceeding with a divorce case. Included within that process is the steps that need…

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