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How can I get custody and visitation orders in place?

When a divorce occurs, in many cases only the husband and wife are involved. However, in situations involving children, custody and visitation orders become extremely important. Whether a couple decides on these themselves or do so with the assistance of attorneys, these orders can play a large role in determining…

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Do I have to pay him child support if the divorce is not final?

Many people consider divorce to be a legal matter between two people: the spouses who are parting. However, divorce also affects all children a couple may have between them. In addition to changes in lifestyle and living situations divorce often provokes, emotional transitions occur in the family unit and may…

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Could I lose custody by giving guardianship to the grandmother?

A time may arise in your life when you have trouble making ends meet. You struggle to pay the bills, and your children often suffer. You may think that giving temporary guardianship to the grandmother is a solid solution. Here, we offer advice and things you should think of before…

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Could he possibly get custody of our baby if we get divorced?

Divorce can be a difficult time for couples. The decision to give up and divorce is stressful enough on it’s own. When you add children to the equation, it becomes a bit more complicated. Here, we answer the question of who gets custody of the baby. The court’s decision When…

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Could he get custody changed if I live with my boyfriend?

Making any kind of life change is can be difficult. You’ll be upsetting your carefully constructed status quo and you won’t ever be sure of what the future will bring. When you make a life change after a divorce, things can be even more difficult. You’ll not only be dealing…

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Can the relocation clause be modified if violated the restraining order?

When you marry, you expect to live happily ever after and grow old together. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Couples split up for a variety of reasons. When children are involved, this adds more stress and complication. When there is violence or harassment, a restraining order may be needed…

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Can my unborn child be added to the restraining order?

Pregnancy and the birth of a child can be joyous for all who are involved. The new life in the mother’s womb and coming into the world is a miraculous event. Sometimes there are issues that arise between the parents to create stress and anxiety. Fighting or arguing may ensue,…

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Can I request a new judge for our custody case?

Due to the fact that custody cases are often heated battles, many feel that the judge is impartial to one side or the other. There must be some sort of proof that the judge is bias towards one side or the other. Obviously, if the judge is showing favoritism, the…

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Can custody issues be decided without going to court?

One of the most daunting tasks of divorce proceedings is the custody agreement. Although a judge must ultimately approve of the resulting agreement, the terms of said agreement can be drawn up through various methods of informal negotiations taking place outside of the courtroom. A fair agreement, one that also…

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Am I classified as single or divorced after a religious annulment?

Divorce and annulment. Those are two words that seem similar on first glance. After all, if you get a divorce or an annulment, you are declaring that your marriage is over, right? Why is there any need for distinction, then? Well, divorce and annulment are different, and your legal marital…

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Will it Hurt My Custody Case if I Move Out Without the Kids

This articles by Steve Raiser, a top rated Los Angeles Criminal Attorney. Leaving an unpleasant or even dangerous situation without your kids may affect your ability to regain custody at a later date. Unfortunately, this sends a message to the court that the other parent is more suitable to keep physical…

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What Rights Will I Have With a Joint Custody Arrangement

Individuals enlisting the help of a divorce attorney tend to seek clarification when it comes to child custody. There are understandably many questions one might have regarding their personal rights as a parent as well as the previous partner’s legal rights. Each unique scenario is navigated according to the “Child’s…

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