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What happens to retirement funds and 401(k) plans in a divorce?

While dividing assets like the house and car and settling issues related to child custody, support, and alimony often take center stage in divorce, how retirement assets should be divided deserves a great deal of attention. Retirement funds must be divided carefully to avoid significant tax consequences and the assets…

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What happens if we reconcile and want to cancel the divorce?

Divorce is the final step to ending a marriage. It is often the case that many people have second thoughts when going through this difficult process. Old feelings and memories come rushing back to make people rethink their drastic decision to move on. It is advisable to remember the reasons…

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What are the differences between sole and joint custody orders?

In divorce and paternity cases, there are a number of different options when it comes to custodial arrangements. For example, a custodial arrangement could be sole or joint, depending on the agreement reached by the parties or the circumstances of the case. If you are consider a divorce case, and…

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Legal Requirements for Divorce

When a spouse decides that differences are too great to continue the marriage, a divorce often becomes inevitable. While the decision may seem the most difficult part, legal requirements can be equally as tough, but laws must be adhered to for a divorce to become final. Order of the process…

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I found out I was pregnant after I left. Do I have to tell him?

In recent years, the rights of fathers have become more well known to the court systems. Fathers even have a say regarding a possible abortion of their unborn child. With the legal system shifting toward recognizing both parents, there are legal ramifications that must be considered. If you are pregnant…

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How is child support determined

Separation or divorce in a family can be a difficult time for the adults and the children. Difficult decisions must be made such as child support decisions. Below is a brief explanation of how child support is determined. Factors to help determine child support There are several determining factors the…

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How do I get my marriage annulled by the church?

In some cases couples who divorce will ask the church of their particular faith to grant an annulment of their previous marriage. Whether or not to grant such a request is always at the discretion of the church and is purely a matter of the ecclesiastic law of that particular…

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He threatens to fight me in court if I won’t sign over custody

Many divorces are combative. Even if the relationship didn’t end in a negative manner, it’s still possible for fights to occur. Some of the most common fights are about children and especially about custody. As the time to separate gets closer, some parents can get incredibly hostile when it comes…

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Do I have to pay alimony in a divorce?

Two people divorcing can often come to agreeable terms on child support or division of property sooner than they can agree on alimony payments. Typically, bitterness prevails at having to pay money to a former spouse. While it is hard to defend a position where one spouse lives better than…

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Could it jeopardize custody if I date someone after the divorce

For many, divorce is a bittersweet time of releasing the old and embracing the new, especially in terms of romantic relationships. When a marriage ends, both spouses may feel as though they failed, and as a result, they eagerly begin dating other people in an effort to feel good about…

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Could he get joint custody of our toddler

One of the biggest reasons that women stay in relationships they are not happy with is their children. Worrying about how it will affect them and who will get custody are valid concerns. When you have a toddler at home this concern can be even greater. Many fathers leave early…

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Can I get child support during separation?

When it comes to paying for child support, there is a legal grey area during a period of separation before divorce proceedings have begun. It’s a common question for both parties to wonder whether a separated spouse should be paying financial support before officially filing for divorce. Will the courts…

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