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Am I entitled to any financial support if we’re separated?

In the event that you are separated from your spouse, you may be curious as to whether or not you are entitled to financial support. In some cases, the answer to that question may be yes. The odds of getting support are higher for those who have children, but anyone…

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Who is responsible for sending you a copy of the divorce?

After a divorce is finalized and the papers signed, the parties involved in the divorce are entitled to receive a copy of the divorce. Having a copy of the divorce papers is important for a variety of different reasons. When divorce papers are signed by a judge, copies are supposed…

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What if He’s Threatening to Throw my Stuff Away?

Here’s a great article from Steve Raiser, a Los Angeles criminal attorney. Issues involving divorce are often very complicated, especially due to anger, anxiety, and the stress involved. These mixed feelings cause hatred between two people who were once happily married. As the traditional saying, “it’s a win-win only if I…

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What if my state doesn’t allow a legal separation?

When a marriage breaks down, many decide that divorce is in their interest. However, there are some situations in which ending the marriage right away, if at all, is not an option. * Reasons why a couple may decide to not file for divorce immediately include: * Many states…

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What is a No-Fault Divorce in NYC?

When filing for divorce, you may be required to provide information about why you are hoping to end your marriage. Acceptable reasons to divorce may vary from state to state, but in the state of New York, you may either file for a “no fault” or a “fault” divorce. A…

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Will I Have to Appear in Court at Any Time During My Divorce?

Making the decision to divorce rarely comes easily to any couple, and it’s especially difficult when there are children involved. Parents love their kids, and they want the for them. It’s also human nature to want the for yourself, which is why family law attorneys hear the question,…

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What if my attorney is dragging out the divorce?

Here’s a great article by Steve Raiser, a fellow NYC and Los Angeles attorney who does personal injury and criminal defense. Divorces can be long and frustrating experiences when they are complicated or highly contested. There are many factors that can be part of a divorce agreement, with child custody…

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Why Would A Divorce Case Be Dismissed?

When a couple decides to divorce, they agree to sever their relationship legally. This requires a complicated court process, especially when children and marital property are involved. Once a petition for divorce is filed, it typically takes several months to complete. There are some instances where a divorce case could…

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Who can serve the divorce papers?

When you choose to divorce your spouse, there is a legal process that must be followed. After completing the initial paperwork, your spouse must be served with the papers. This is part of the legal process but it can be a bit tricky. Below is an overview of who can…

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Why would a divorce case be dismissed?

Here’s a great article from Nima Haddadi, a top rated DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles. Why Would A Divorce Case Be Dismissed? When a couple decides to divorce, they agree to severe their relationship legally. This requires a complicated court process, especially when children and marital property are involved. Once…

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Where should I file divorce papers if I have dual citizenship?

Here’s a great article by Steven Raiser, a top rated Connecticut criminal attorney. Getting a divorce is a difficult and complicated process regardless of the circumstances. Between dealing with the emotions that come with ending a marriage and figuring out what legal hurdles you need to jump through to officially…

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What Will the Judge Decide in My Divorce Case?

This article is by Fred Dahr, a trusted Houston criminal attorney. As a divorce may be an emotional event for one or both parties going through it, it may not be possible for a couple to reach a settlement on their own. In some cases, a couple may come to a…

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