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What Will the Judge Decide in My Divorce Case?

This article is by Fred Dahr, a trusted Houston criminal attorney. As a divorce may be an emotional event for one or both parties going through it, it may not be possible for a couple to reach a settlement on their own. In some cases, a couple may come to a…

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What if my lawyer won’t act on my behalf?

During a heated legal battle, you depend on your attorney to help you during this difficult time. In some cases, you may feel that your attorney is not doing all they can for you or your case. If you find yourself in this type of situation, then you have some…

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Where should I file divorce papers if I have dual citizenship?

Getting a divorce is a difficult and complicated process regardless of the circumstances. Between dealing with the emotions that come with ending a marriage and figuring out what legal hurdles you need to jump through to officially file for divorce, there is a lot going on. But the process can…

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What’s Divorce Mediation

This articles from Steve Raiser, a well known Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney. Most people who file for divorce never expected to be in this situation. Marriages aren’t typically entered into with the assumption they’ll end in divorce, but many do. When you find yourself in a situation that involves divorce…

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What is a divorce?

Here’s a great article by Steve Raiser, a top rated NYC Dwi lawyer and NYC Personal injury lawyer. Divorce attorneys hear questions about divorce all the time, including what a divorce is. It’s a very simple concept. Divorce is the legal action between two married people to end their marriage…

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Would the Children Still Be His Heir If We Got an Annulment?

This article is by Aaron Wallace, a premier Los Angeles criminal lawyer. Annulment ends marriage the same way as divorce. However, with an annulment, the couple goes back to the state they were in before they got married. With annulments, it is as if the marriage never took place. Marriage…

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Where can my spouse and I get help to work out our differences outside of court?

Here’s a great article by Joel Farar, a premier Bakersfield personal injury lawyer. The last thing anyone expects on their wedding day is that their promise of euphoria will end in divorce. No one sets out to be a part of a failed relationship, but things happen, and life takes…

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What is a “fault” divorce?

Here’s a great article by Justin Farar, a premier Fresno personal injury lawyer. Going through a divorce can be an extremely stressful experience. People get married expecting to spend the rest of their life with their soulmate, but the marriage can come unraveled before they know it. Couples are then…

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What if he didn’t attend the court ordered mediation sessions?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Through this type of alternative dispute resolution process, a mediator is assigned to a case and works with the parties to reach a resolution of a dispute. Mediation is an alternative to full judicial proceedings, including a trial. Mediation can be a…

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What does it mean if a settlement conference has been scheduled?

This article’s by Joel Farar, a top rating San Francisco personal injury lawyer. If you are involved in a lawsuit either as plaintiff or defendant, your attorney has probably informed you of the legal steps leading to resolution of the dispute. Initially, a Complaint is filed to obtain what is…

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What happens if we reconcile and want to cancel the divorce?

Couples who file for divorce and then decide that they would rather stay together do not need to continue with the process. New York laws include provisions for those who initiate a divorce action and then wish to withdraw their petitions. The process is actually less involved than many people…

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What if I don’t trust my lawyer’s advice on the divorce?

What if I don’t trust my lawyer’s advice on the divorce? If you are in the midst of a divorce case, you must have confidence in your attorney. If you reach a juncture at which you have trust issues, you may wonder what strategy you need to employ. You may…

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