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Is CBD illegal to possess

Most CBD is comprised of less than .3 percent of THC. You might think that CBD would be legal to use and possess, but in many states, it is illegal. There are a few states where you can use marijuana and CBD, such as Colorado. When you enter a store and see the various options that are available, you know that it’s legal to purchase and use for your own consumption even if there are limits as to how much you can have at one time. If you live in a state where it’s illegal to possess CBD, then you’ll usually know because people will complain about it not being legal and want to see changes in the state. There will likely be people who offer reasons as to why CBD and marijuana should not be legal and the harm that it can do to your body without offering any real research behind the claims.

CBD is a sibling to marijuana and usually doesn’t get you as high. Even though CBD is associated with marijuana and THC, it’s a bit more readily available than its counterparts. You can easily find it online and in many health stores. You can also find CBD in pet stores. When states discover the benefits of CBD, then you begin seeing the product on shelves for people to purchase. Many companies are trying to promote the health benefits of CBD and its affordability. It can help with anxiety, pain associated with arthritis, seizures, side effects of cancer treatments, and health issues in pets.

Because of the benefits associated with CBD, you would think that it’s legal to possess. While most states look past the fact that it’s a primary part of a cannabis plant, there are a few that just won’t bend. Marijuana is often considered a drug that’s in the same category as meth and heroin, and until states see that CBD doesn’t offer the same side effects as these drugs, then it will remain illegal in these locations. Since CBD comes from the marijuana plant and since the plant itself is illegal, that is why CBD is illegal. There are farmers across the country who specialize in hemp, which is a type of cannabis that doesn’t promote the feeling of being high. These farmers want to see CBD legalized as well as people who have used CBD and seen the benefits that are associated with the product. Perhaps the easiest way to get CBD is to purchase it online at the moment.

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