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How VOIP phone systems can help law firms20 Sep 2017

VOIP phone systems have played an integral part in lowering costs in today’s busy law firms. 20 years ago it might have been difficult to envision a day when calls made via Internet connection were cheaper and clearer than calls made via phone line, but the vision has definitely come true. Many law firms today are choosing VOIP systems over traditional phone lines.


To put it simply, VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a simpler, less expensive way to communicate in todays law firms. It’s also possible to make calls over the computer this way, paving the way for a very mobile communications system for lawyers that frequently travel for research or cases. Out of town trips are much more productive with a VOIP systems that stays with you wherever you go.

VOIP phones use an Internet connection to complete their calls, making it possible to use either a phone or a computer to complete calls. Clarity of calls vary depending on what type of service you’re using. Law firms typically choose to use paid VOIP systems, which often have better clarity than phone lines. It’s important to have very clear lines when communicating with clients, lawyers, witnesses, etc. A paid VOIP system will usually be cheaper than a regular phone line, so if youre a cost-conscious law firm, you’re going to love the flat rates you get with VOIP systems.

Set-up is extremely easy with VOIP. The less technology you have to spend learning, the better, and VOIP is one of the easiest systems to set up on computers or through phones. Companies are more than willing to walk you through the steps or do a complete installation for your office.

Your VOIP system will grow along with your law firm as well. Thanks to the constantly updated software of VOIP systems, you never get an outdated method of communication. The better the security and clarity of VOIP systems the better, so they are frequently updated to keep up with the times. As your law firm’s needs expand, so will your VOIP system.

Choosing VOIP

Many law firms today are ditching traditional phone systems and turning to VOIP. The results have shown themselves to be not just satisfactory but superior to traditional phone lines. In some cases, VOIP can actually be a free service and the free services might even work out well for a small amount of your law firm’s work. Even paid services are going to run cheaper than the traditional phone lines law firms have used in the past.

Getting a VOIP system set up in your office today is as easy as making a phone call. If you’ve got additional questions, these will easily be answered by the tech support or customer support services of your prospective VOIP service. Law firms that switch to this type of phone service will quickly discover there are even more advantages to using VOIP services over traditional phone lines. As offices grow to meet the needs of their clients, the VOIP phone service is going to grow right along with your needs, giving you an edge over competitors who are stuck using outdated modes of communication.

Your clients depend on you to be there to answer their questions. Make sure that you have a reliable VOIP system set up in your office so that they will always have a clear line of communication.

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