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long island Alimony and Maintenance Lawyers

When going through a divorce, one of the spouses will likely file for alimony or maintenance. This is common if one of the parties has a great deal of assents. Alimony is a very highly-charged issue. If you live in New York, there are certain rules and regulations governing how much, if any alimony a spouse will receive. Whether you have filed for alimony or expected to pay it, you will need to speak with a divorce attorney who has a great deal of experience in these issues.

What is the purpose of alimony?

When a couple divorces, the court recognizes, especially in marriages with a lot of assets, individuals are accustomed to living a certain lifestyle. In these cases, the judge will most likely issue an order for a spouse to pay alimony. But it will be done in a way to keep it fair and equitable. The spouse will continue to receive these payments until they have enough time to gain the proper skills to become self-sufficient.

If you are going through a divorce and need proper representation, contact a divorce attorney today. This is the way to learn about issues like alimony. A skilled attorney will ensure that your rights will be thoroughly protected.

What determines spousal maintenance?

A judge will use a number of factors to determine how much alimony you will receive. They usually use how long you were married, earning potential of lower-income spouse, were there children involved and what type of lifestyle did you live prior to the divorce. The court will often make sure the children are taken care of financially as well. If you are attempting to secure spousal payments or if you are expected to make payments, you will need to retain the services of a alimony attorney as soon as possible.

Time is of the essence in these cases. You should never attempt to represent yourself or someone who is just out of school. You will need someone who can properly advocate for your and your rights. Some people don’t realize how important it is to find out your rights. It is imperative that you find a skillful attorney who can inform you about alimony and what you can realistically expect.

Unfortunately, there are times when spouses will attempt to hide assets in a effort to have spousal payments reduced. This is a bad idea. If you are found to have hidden cash, bank accounts, property or other things from the court, you will not like the consequences. Most private investigators employed by the spouse can find out where all the bodies are buried. Whether you have money in an offshore bank account or a mason jar in your back yard, it will be found. Any wrongdoing could end in fines and even more spousal support.

Also find out about future earnings. There are cases where one spouse can pay a great deal of money to help the other spouse continue school and get their licenses. This can often time leave them broke. Make sure you have an experienced attorney to preserve your rights. An attorney will fight for your rights. If you are ready to speak with a professional, call one for a free consultation. They will access your case and make sure you know all the options.

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