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Long Island Gay & LGBT Family Law Attorneys

Whether you want to dissolve a union, divorce or seek some benefits in your domestic partnership, you need to select an attorney who is experienced in family law. Long Island Gay & LGBT Family Law Lawyers act as mediators to negotiate for your children’s custody, get you back the child support you are owed, and also negotiate for you on alimony cases. They deal with any issues that are related to domestic relationships and family life, including parent-child relationships and spousal relationships. Let’s look at these issues in detail.

Marriage and divorce

Marriages, as well as divorce, come with many potential problems. Here are some common matters that can arise between spouses and require the services of a family law lawyer.

Premarital/prenuptial agreements – If you and/or your spouse own a business, have significant income, or own real estate, signing a prenuptial agreement can be advantageous. Mostly, couples can come up with such an agreement, but it’s always wise to hire a family law lawyer who can finalize the agreement in court to make it legal and binding.

Divorce – There are two ways in which a divorce dissolves a marriage. All states will allow no-fault divorces, whereby a spouse files for the divorce and states a general reason behind it like being unable to get along in a relationship. On the other hand, most states also allow fault divorces. In this case, a spouse faults the other partner for cruelty, desertion, adultery, or any other established reason.

Annulment – Annulments can dissolve a marriage legally because it treats the arrangement as if it never existed. Annulments are not possible in most cases, but couples can pursue one in the event of incest misrepresentation, underage, bigamy, or forced marriage. An annulment typically takes place after a short time once people are married.

Alimony – This is also referred to as spousal support. It’s the payment a spouse offers another once a divorce has been finalized. All divorces don’t include alimony, although the situation is common if one spouse earns more than the other.

Child custody and support

When a marriage is ended in a divorce, questions of child support and child custody arise. Some common issues that can be handled by a family lawyer include:

Child support – According to the law, it’s a must for noncustodial parents to contribute money every month to cater for the kid’s expenses. Family courts determine the amount to be paid.

Child custody – the physical custody of a child or children may be granted to one or both parents to determine if the children should live with both parents or one of them and if that parent should have visitation rights or not. Both or one parent will be granted the legal custody, including the ability to make essential decisions about the kid’s education, religion, and healthcare.

Paternity – this test determines the identity of the kid’s father and is considered when it comes to child support and child custody cases.


You may also need the help of a family law lawyer when you want to adopt a child. Here are the common forms of adoption:

Private adoption – This is a straightforward arrangement between the adoptive parent and birth mother.

Agency adoption – This is an arrangement between an agency and adoptive parents. It can be private or public.

It’s evident that the services of a family lawyer are important and it’s necessary to contact Long Island Gay & LGBT Family Law Lawyers.

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