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Manhattan Family Law Lawyers

Sometimes, families can find themselves faced with disputes. Family matters are important and delicate and, therefore, families may require legal guidance concerning clashes that involve close relations. Family disputes can include collaborative divorce, mediation, divorce and separation, child custody, child support, adoption, property division, domestic violence, children visitation rights, spousal support, paternity, prenuptial, and postnuptial.


When faced with family disagreements or disputes, it is important to look for a family attorney with widespread expertise on family law. Family law typically covers the legal relations amongst family members such as spouses, children, parents, and domestic partners.


Divorce Laws and Procedures


With regard to family issues, each state in the US has its own laws. The right ground for filing a divorce case should be that the spouse who wishes to file for a dispute should prove to the court what the parties settled upon can provide the facts. Filing grounds can include abandonment for more than one year, cruel and inhuman treatment by one spouse, adultery, irreconcilable relationship breakdowns that have existed for more than six months, spouse imprisonment for a period of three or more years after marriage, and more. Therefore, to obtain a divorce means that you have to prove marital fault.


However, in New York, divorce laws have since been updated and now include a ‘no-fault’ divorce state. What this means is that, a person can now seek a divorce by alleging that their marriage has broken down for over six months without regard for who is at fault. To file for a divorce in Manhattan, a person has to meet state residency requirements in order for the court to accept the case. For instance, for a state to handle a divorce case, both parties have to have been married in the state, or either party has been a state resident for at least one year. If the court of law realizes that it does not have jurisdictional rights to handle a divorce case, it will not be recognized and will be terminated.


Hiring a Divorce Attorney in Manhattan


We all know that getting a divorce has serious emotional and legal long-term effects. Also, a divorce process can comprise of strict legal requirements, including selecting a method of legal separation, choosing where and how to file a divorce, and deciding property division and allocation. Devoid of legal assistance, the divorce process can be confusing.


Like mentioned before, if you find yourself in a divorce dispute, it is essential to find a family attorney. Legal assistance is beneficial if not critical. Family issues, especially a divorce, can leave a party with high-running emotions, and having expert information and guidelines from a family law attorney during court proceedings and negotiations is thus vital.


If you are in Manhattan and have a family predicament or in need of legal help, find a family attorney. Family lawyers provide full representation in all practice areas with regard to family law. Experienced family lawyers are always ready to fight for you in court and advocate for your interests in a disputed divorce case, property division disagreement, or any other argumentative family law concern. Family law attorneys can, therefore, offer you the needed legal assistance to ensure that your goal is attained in a quick and cost-efficient manner.

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