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Manhattan Orders of Protection Attorneys

It takes courage and strength to find a way out of your abusive situation. Domestic violence is an offense affecting many people in Manhattan. When it comes to divorce law, domestic violence affects the outcome of any arrangements that were initially done. In case you are a domestic violence victim and you are undergoing a divorce, it’s essential to seek legal and physical protection right away. Don’t let anyone endanger your life, including the lives of your loved ones. By working with Manhattan Orders of Protection Lawyers, you will secure the much-needed protection as you fight for your rights.


What’s an Order of Protection?


This is a court order issued by different courts in Manhattan. The criminal courts, family courts, and Supreme Court can issue this Order of Protection under the state law. This order is designed to limit behaviors that are potentially harmful and threatening to a company or person.


When granted by a court through a Manhattan Orders of Protection Lawyer, this order can prohibit various kinds of behavior. A court may mandate that the offending person stop his or her threatening behavior or stop any form of injuring. In other cases, protective orders can forbid the offending person from getting close to the victim, including their friends, family, and pets. Sometimes the order could also prohibit the offending person from using a gun and could require them to move out of the family home. This order not only prohibits the offending person from engaging in a threatening behavior but can also require positive and affirmative actions.


Orders of Protection come in different forms. They include:


Order of protection from a family court


This is an order provided in civil cases. It’s provided to hinder violence in an intimate relationship or family setting. The purpose of the order is to give protection to domestic violence victims.


Order of protection from a criminal court


This is an order often issued when a certain defendant is about to be set free on bail or released from imprisonment. It’s only offered against defendants who have been accused of a particular criminal act. The court doesn’t need the complaining witness or defendant to be related so that it can issue the order.


Order of protection from a Supreme Court


This is an order that can be given during divorce proceedings. In case you are involved in a divorce proceeding, you could ask the court to provide a protection order against someone by oral request, or you just submit a written request.


Getting assistance from a Manhattan Order of Protection Lawyer


An Order of Protection is a robust legal tool because it allows a person who would have become a victim of a certain situation to take some practical steps to get a legitimate solution. A company or individual who requests an Order of Protection is just asking the court to offer the much-needed protection by stopping behaviors that can be harmful or abusive.


Manhattan Order of Protection attorney will offer the assistance you need to know if it’s alright for you to pursue this form or legal remedy. He or she will also determine the court when you need an Order or Protection. Manhattan Order of Protection lawyers make compelling arguments and present strong evidence to show that the order is justified. Always work with an attorney to get the services.

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