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Nassau County Annulment Attorneys

Guide to Annulment in Nassau County

There is a legal procedure in Nassau County that set aside marriage which exists before. This process is referred to as an annulment. Annulment makes the existence of marriage null and void since the date it took place. If at a point, your marriage is annulled it means that it never existed. There is a definite difference between annulment and divorce. Divorce means that both parties were married, but the marriage did not work due to several circumstances and the two sides agree to take action in setting it aside. The case of annulment is the difference; it is merely eliminating marriage from the day it took place.

The options for annulment is obvious. For instance, people who have been married but have not have children, an annulment is an option that it should be considered. For the case of respect, it is superior or harsh for such couple to obtain a divorce. If an annulment for such people goes through and find an application that says that “single,” “married” and “divorce” one could check off single. In various situations in Nassau County, many negative connotations surround marriage that seems to fail.

Another option for annulment is that when one spouse was below the legal age to marry in rules and regulation guiding Nassau County. Additionally, if one party did not have the mental capacity in agreeing to marry. This may refer to inability consent or mental severe impairment due to the intoxication of alcohol, or someone was under the influence of drugs. Also, if the affected victim did not reveal the condition of mental impairment when the marriage took place, then annulment can be an option for such people.

In many cases especially when parties get married for a short period they can just walk away once the court grants them a full annulment. It is very complicated when the marriage took a long time, and the couple has children together as well co-owned substantial property. The court will also deal with many issues such as division of property, visitation, custody, spousal support and child support. Nassau County allows these particular matters to be handled in court upon annulment.

The interest of children is very paramount to a judge during an annulment procedure. The judge will be responsible for deciding the issues pertaining custody in case both parties had children. For a spouse who does not have a full charge of children, the court will also determine the schedule when one will spend time with them. Additionally, both parties are legally obligated to provide support to children, a judge will strictly determine a correct amount of payment and is solely dependent on the income of both parents.

There are limited legal circumstances for one to seek annulment that is why it is essential to find a lawyer. Nassau County Lawyers understand laws and regulations guiding annulment. They also understand how these rules are applied during the court proceedings. They will be in a position to provide an honest assessment and deal with facts only. Also, they will guide a victim on the approach to take so that one wins the case. Additionally, they will advise one accordingly id there are several other options to consider.

Generally, an annulment is not simple proceeding that one may seem to perceive. One should consult an experienced lawyer in the event of thinking to move forward with annulment procedure. The general ground for annulment in Nassau County is fraud, so all other options should be within the fraud.

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