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Nassau County Gay & LGBT Family Law Attorneys

While we greatly rejoice about marriage as lifetime re-unions, it is essential to understand that sometimes marriages do not always last forever. If you are involved in a Gay & LGBT marriage union and have come to a place where you no longer wish to be in the marriage, you have a right to file and seek a divorce.


Many times, Gay & LGBT marriages and rights have raised legal issues and concerns upon dissolution since they are different from opposite-sex unions. Depending on nationality or residence, some laws have nothing to say about same-sex unions, which makes it very difficult to deal with if spouses may wish to end their marriage. Do you live in Nassau County? Are you looking to divorce your same-sex partner? You can contact a Gay & LGBT family law attorney for legal guidance and support.


Nassau County Gay & LGBT Legal Considerations


In the United States, marriage laws differ from one state to another. Many states in the country do not legally recognize Gay & LGBT marriages while some do and even allow marriages to be performed. Gay & LGBT marriages are thus difficult to enter in since they are not recognized in some states. Also, same-sex divorce differs from traditional opposite-sex divorce and is difficult to go through because of the same issue.


However, New York allows and recognizes same-sex civil unions and even allows non-residents to hold their same-sex marriage in the state after the passing of a same-sex marriage law in 2011. Whether you live in or out of New York, you can have your same-sex marriage done there and get a divorce in the event of separation. So, if you currently reside in Nassau County and you and your partner were legally married or entered into a Gay & LGBT union, you can be able to get a divorce. But, for the court to be able to grant you a divorce, you must have lived in the state for more than one year. However, even if you and your partner have lived in Nassau County for less than one year, Nassau Gay & LGBT lawyers can still be of help to you.


Many couples can marry in a state where Gay & LGBT marriage is recognized such as New York but when they move out to another state, non-recognition provides offers them problems especially when it comes to trying to obtain a divorce. To help you get a divorce, contact Nassau’s Gay & LGBT divorce attorneys and they will see to it that you obtain a divorce.


Gay & LGBT Family Law Attorneys


Same-sex divorce attorneys can help you get the divorce you want. Such lawyers are always prepared to help with many same-sex family law matters including divorce. If you and your partner want to dissolve your same-sex marriage, contact Nassau County Gay & LGBT lawyers whose job will be to represent tour interests in court. Also, if you have questions regarding same-sex marriage and adoption, the skilled Gay & LGBT family lawyer will be of great help. Same-sex divorce attorneys ensure that you systematically understand your privileges and obligations as you change from marriage through divorce. They offer divorce conciliation, uncontested divorces and negotiations and as well as contested divorces. They take you through the entire divorce process following the laws that govern Gay & LGBT marriages, including asset division, child custody, and other divorce concerns.

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