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What if this is not my “first” DWI arrest?

When an individual has been charged with a second (or more) offense, it is more important than ever to do two things. The first is self-examination, possibly with the help of friends or professionals to ascertain whether there is a substance abuse issue in his life. The second is to retain a very good criminal defense lawyer with plenty of experience handling DWI cases. If an individual does have issues with alcohol abuse, it is important for one’s family and personal well being to seek professional help. Professional help can be a major factor in helping a skilled attorney negotiate the most favorable pre-trial resolution. Even when a client gets help for drinking problems, prosecutors are often wary of negotiating plea agreements and the accused must be prepared to vigorously defend the case in court. Prosecutors always have the burden of proof and a single mistake by an arresting officer or lab technician can mean the difference between conviction and dismissal of the case. Penalties for a second DWI are enhanced and include extended loss or limitation of driving privileges, incarceration, and public humiliation. Attorneys skilled in these matters will recognize whether an officer followed all guidelines in making the initial stop, conducting field sobriety tests and administering chemical tests. There are very specific guidelines for each of these matters and it strongly behooves anyone accused of DWI to retain a highly skilled attorney to insure all rights are protected and take advantage of any mistake made by the arresting officer or agency in making the stop or collecting evidence against the accused. There are many inexperienced attorneys defending DWI cases and prosecutors much prefer to litigate against inexperienced attorneys and make deals with more effective defense dwi lawyers. Anyone accused of DWI does himself a favor by hiring an experienced and effective lawyer.

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