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Queens Postnuptial Law Firm

The procedure for preparing a wedding and getting wedded sometimes feels like a whirlwind. While it’s essential to make sure all the information is addressed, some things can be overlooked such as a prenuptial agreement. If you got married with no prenup, and later on you realize you might require a marital agreement, you still have some options you can rely on like a postnuptial agreement.


A postnuptial agreement is a contract implemented just after couples get married; it is different from a prenuptial settlement that’s done before marriage. A postnuptial settlement is drafted to assist in resolving assets, and affairs if the couple divorce or get separated. Though this is different from a prenuptial arrangement, these two types of settlements have some provisions in common such as; child support, property division, marital issues and spousal support issues in incidents that involve divorce or the death of one spouse.


There are numerous types of postnuptial settlements that a couple can settle on depending on what they wish to achieve. A couple can decide to have a separation agreement that is agreed upon by those who are planning to divorce or separate; or a postnuptial settlement implemented by a couple that doesn’t expect to divorce but would like to continue with their marriage and live together. The reasons for applying such an agreement is to enable them define each other’s financial privileges on how they can allocate their liabilities and assets amongst themselves. Here is what you need to know about postnuptial agreements.


Postnuptial agreements rules


According to legal processes in Queens, any arrangement agreed to by both parties, whether made after or before the marriage, is legal and shall be enforced in a public union if it’s in written form and subscribed to by both parties. Also, the agreement is imposed if it’s verified and follows the required routine of entitling a legal document or a deed. It might sound easy to say and simple to do, but the truth is, it’s never easy to settle such kind of agreement as disharmony and conflict can arise resulting to arguments amongst couples in the course of drafting a postnuptial settlement.


However, with the assistance of Queens postnuptial lawyers, couples can think of suitable drafted postnuptial arrangements that protect and express their rights and interest. Getting into such an agreement helps couples to avoid conflict between them. With the help of a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer, a postnuptial settlement can be the easy solution to be implemented to prevent marriage disputes in case of a divorce.


Getting a postnuptial settlement Lawyer


If both of you are in Queens or its environs and are planning for a postnuptial settlement, the way forward is to call a postnuptial attorney. Postnuptial lawyers have the experience and skills required to guide and assist you come to an absolute agreement the favors both your interest and rights. If you have matters that both of you might not agree on, a postnuptial attorney will help you solve and handle them so that they can’t hinder both of you from settling together and living in harmony. Furthermore, a postnuptial settlement is an enforceable agreement, and it is complicated to understand its scope and requirements. But don’t worry; a Queens postnuptial attorney will help you out. Just make sure that you work with a reputable and knowledgeable attorney or firm.

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