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Queens child custody lawyers – Queens Child Custody Attorney

Of all the legal proceedings that take place, child custody hearings are some of the most challenging for the parents and children. Since emotions often run very high in these difficult situations, it’s very important for all parties involved to keep in mind that ultimately it is the children who benefit or suffer based on the results that emerge from these hearings. Because of this, attorneys take these cases quite seriously, and use all of their knowledge and experience to help their clients obtain the results for them and their children. However, since there are numerous factors at play in these cases, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of not only the laws, but how an attorney specializing in child custody cases can make all the difference.

Benefits of Having a Queens Child Custody Lawyer
For any parent who has tried to get custody of a child, they know the amount of work that’s needed to win these cases. By having a lawyer who understands the complexities associated with these cases, parents can concentrate solely on trying to obtain the results for their children. Meanwhile, the attorney can handle the many important details of the case, such as ensuring that all affidavits and summons are filed correctly and on time, researching laws related to the case to make sure no technicalities unexpectedly derail what appears to be an otherwise successful case, and being able to ask tough questions and take on opposing attorneys who may be trying to intimidate their client.

Queens Child Custody Laws
When it comes to awarding custody, judges often have a fair amount of room to make a variety of decisions. While in most situations custody is awarded to a parent, in some instances where the court may decide neither parent will be able to provide a stable and safe home for the children, a non-parent may be allowed to file for custody. However, the court must believe that extraordinary circumstances exist, such as persistent neglect or abandonment. Because of this, it’s vital to work with a child custody lawyer who can demonstrate to the court that none of these factors exist. For more information on non-parental custody, visit

Types of Queens Child Custody Cases
In a child custody hearing, parents may be seeking one of several types of custody. Most of the time, one parent is seeking sole custody of the children, since this will give them complete decision-making power in such areas as the children’s health, education, and other matters. However, some couples choose to pursue joint custody, especially if the divorce is an amicable one. And it’s also important to remember that even if one parent does not have custody of the children, the court may still award them child support, so that they will have the financial resources necessary to provide for the children in a manner consistent with their current standard of living.

Fathers and Custody
While in years past the typical custody case almost always had the courts awarding custody to the children’s mother, that has changed somewhat in recent years. With more and more fathers being able to demonstrate their ability to provide a safe and stable home for their children, courts have been more willing to award them sole custody in many cases. However, since old ideas take time to change, it’s always to hire an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney who can make sure the interests of the father are protected during the custody hearings.

Factors Determining Child Custody
During a child custody hearing, the court will look at many specific factors that will help it determine who will provide the children with a stable home environment. Some of the most important factors include who provides the majority of care for the child, where the child attends school, who takes the child to medical appointments, and more. However, even after examining all these factors, it’s vital that both parents be able to tell their side of the story. This is where having a knowledgeable Queens child custody family law attorney can help you, since they will make sure the appropriate evidence is gathered that will allow you to put your foot forward during the hearing.

The Hearing Process
Although you will likely have met with your attorney numerous times at their office to go over strategy, it’s not the same environment as a courtroom. As a result, it’s always to let your Queens child custody lawyer do most of the talking during the hearing, since they are the one who knows and understands how to make the law work in your favor. In addition to this, they will be able to present your case in the possible manner, and can help guide you as to the right things to say if you are asked questions by the judge.

Choose Experience and Knowledge
When it comes to child custody hearings, don’t take a chance on a Queens child custody lawyer who maybe does not have a good understanding of family law. Instead, always hire the services of an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney who has handled numerous child custody cases. Since the court wants only what is for the children, having an experienced lawyer will ensure your case is presented in a way that allows your love for your children to shine through. By letting your attorney use their expertise, you’ll have a much better chance of winning your case.

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