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Queens Gay & LGBT Family Law Attorneys

The state of New York has long been welcoming of gay and lesbian couples, so it is not surprising that thousands are now happily married here. With same sex marriage now being the law of the land, there are legal issues that need to be considered that did not necessarily apply previously. Members of the LGBT community deserve legal protection as well, and this applies to matters of family law. There are often child custody matters, prenuptial agreements, divorce settlements, spousal support issues, and other items that need to be ironed out from time to time. If that is what you are currently facing right now, you will want Queens gay and LGBT family law lawyers working on your behalf.

Family Law Issues and the LGBT Community

The same issues that apply to straight couples and their families often apply to members of the LGBT community as well. The difference is that they can be a bit more sensitive. Even many members of the court do not always understand the true complexity of what they are facing. Gay and lesbian couples, for example, have fought for years to gain the right to legal adoption. Once a child is brought into a loving home, family law issues can arise in cases of divorce, abuse, or neglect. While many couples can work out these issues on their own, a judge is often needed to intervene and provide final judgement. For that reason, you will want a Queens gay & LGBT lawyer arguing on your behalf.

When family law issues are raised, there are often a swirl of emotions that are taking place inside the home. Be it a divorce or issues with hospital visitation rights, Queens family law lawyers need to be called in to remind everyone of their legal rights and obligations in any given situation. There are a variety of legal issues that fall under this legal genre, so act accordingly.

Legal Implications of Family Law for Gay & Lesbian Couples

Gay and lesbian couples who form a family do so out of love. However, there are times when turmoil and strife hit even the most secure of couples. When this happens, there are some legal implications to be aware of. Family law can involve issues of abuse and neglect. In such cases, not only is there trouble for the family, but there could be possible issues with the law as well. Other times, family law deals with a divorce. When this happens, marital assets are at stake, as well as future earning potential. When matters of spousal support enter the equation, it is easy to see that there are quite a few matters to consider.

When there is a family law issue that needs to be resolved, it will often work its way through via a settlement. This is often seen in the case of a divorce. One party will often initiate the divorce, serve papers on their spouse, and outline the terms of a settlement. If that is agreed to, the matter can be finalized pretty quickly. There are times when it is much more complicated than that, however, resulting in the need for legal proceedings to develop.

How Can Queens Gay & LGBT Family Law Lawyers Help You?

If you have any questions about a family law matter, contact our office right away. We are experts in Queens gay & LGBT family law and it would be our pleasure to serve you.

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