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Queens High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys

Divorce is the last thing you expected. When you married, you were deeply in love. You thought that the two of you would be build a new future together and that your life would be filled with an abundance of happiness and joy. It has not turned out that way, and you must now take concrete steps to protect your interests.

As the spouse of a person with considerable wealth, you have become used to living in certain way. You have developed habits, tastes, and interests that have made you into the person you have become. It is essential that you carry on as you have. Divorce should not leave you in substantially reduced condition. You deserve a settlement that will see to your future material comfort and ease.

You may feel great pain, anger, frustration, and confusion at the failure of your marriage. Despite this strain, you must keep focused on the practicalities of the divorce. In a high net worth divorce, there is a great deal at stake. The emotional stress aside, the divorce process will be concerned mostly with money—that is, how the marital assets are divided.

When you were married, you left all such matters to your partner. You will now have to take a more active interest in the financial affairs of the estate. It is especially important for you to know the law regarding money matters, and for you to take measures to ensure that your soon to be ex-spouse is abiding by it.

The law forbids you or your partner to make any large purchases during the divorce proceedings. Neither one of you will be allowed to liquidate assets. It is also forbidden to make withdraw large sums of money or move lots of cash around. These laws are designed to ensure the stability of the estate as its net worth is evaluated and plans are made for its division.

Hiring a lawyer who specializes in high net worth divorces will give you the kind of professional assistance you need to keep your spouse honest while the divorce goes through. Your lawyer can also help you get a handle on the finances of the marital estate. There should not be a penny left unaccounted for.

One of the things you will need to look into is hidden assets. Lawyers who specialize in this area of divorce will have a network of forensic accountants and investigators that they can employ to help their clients get to the truth about their spouse’s finances. One of the consequences of being wealthy is having the ability to shift and hide large amounts of money. If you are not to be cheated out of what is rightfully yours, you will need help in tracking the finances of the estate managed by your spouse.

Preparation is the key to succeeding in a high net worth divorce. It is important to have all the facts regarding the marital estate. That is the only way you will be able to get what you deserve. Working with the right lawyers is also important. You need people on your side who understand how this particular form of divorce works. You also need the all the tools and mechanisms they can bring to bear to prevent your spouse from employing subterfuge, trickery, and deceit to reduce the amount of money and assets that the law entitles you to have.

If you are headed for divorce, you should start preparing for your future life right now.

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