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Queens Same Sex Divorce Lawyers

While same sex marriage is now legal in all regions of the United States, the state of New York long ago took the lead in this area. Members of the gay and lesbian community have been free to express their love for another openly to one another, with all of the legal protections afforded by marriage. Just like any marriage, some of them do eventually end in divorce. If you are involved in a same sex marriage that has devolved due to irreconcilable differences, you will want Queens same sex divorce lawyers working on your behalf. Continue reading to learn how such a divorce proceeding works in the state of New York.

Same Sex Divorce Laws Explained

It is important to note that same sex marriages are now viewed equally with a traditional marriage between a man and a woman under New York law. This means that the same provisions for divorce will carry with you should that become a reality in your partnership. While many couples that choose divorce do so in an amicable fashion, there are some that require lawyers to help navigate some pretty muddy legal waters. With gay adoption being legal in New York, there could be child custory matters to consider. Many couples also have substantial assets, and there could be a fight over those. New York law stipulates how such marital assets are to be divided in the event of a divorce, and there is no distinguishing between a gay or lesbian marriage and one between members of the opposite sex.

Divorces in New York can be settled outside of court if both partners agree on how things should be handled. There is also the possiblity of mediation, where an impartial third party will sit down with both parties to try to come to a peaceful resolution about certain points of the divorce. If neither of these two methods will work in your situation, there may be no option but to have the court work out a settlement that both of you will need to abide by. It is in this situation that you will want to have a Queens same sex divorce lawyer working on your behalf.

Legal Implications of Getting a Same Sex Divorce

While the legal implications of getting a same sex divorce may be the same as a traditional marriage, there are nonetheless some special considerations that need to be taken into account. Because the reality of same sex marriage is still relatively new within the broader context of society, it is important to ensure that your rights are being protected as a same sex spouse. Any divorce results in the splitting up and dividing of marital assets. You will need a lawyer to determine which property and money you brought into the marriage and which you obtained together as a couple. This can often be difficult to do, but that is what your Queens same sex divorce lawyer can work on your behalf to accomplish.

How Can Queens Same Sex Divorce Lawyers Help You?

A Queens same sex divorce lawyer can help you get out of your marriage what is rightfully yours. You were once in love with your partner, but you need to also protect your own assets if the day comes when the marriage is over. Your lawyer will be able to petition the court for what is rightfully yours, and help defend you against any false accusations that might be lodged against you.

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