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staten island Family Law Lawyers

Why you need a Skilled Family Law Lawyer for your Divorce Case

Family issues often affect the married couple and their children, resulting in divorce, annulment, and child custody. Sometimes, couples find it hard to reach an agreement after separation. A family law lawyer is important in these scenarios because he/she assists in the legal issues involved in matters such as divorce and child custody. If you are residing on Staten Island, you should consider consulting a qualified family lawyer to help you to solve your marital issues legally.

The Elements of Family Law

Family law encompasses matters like child support, adoption, child custody, divorce, paternity, property division, alimony, and domestic violence order. Family law handles divorces client by helping them in solving the problems between the spouses and enabling them to continue living their lives optimistically. In child custody, family attorneys are responsible for handling issues child visitation and custody issues, which result from divorces.

The practice area manages child support payments based on the time spent with parents and the basic income of the parents. Family law attorneys participate in negotiation about the division of properties between clients during a divorce case. These family lawyers also aim to achieve a fair division of the clients’ properties to promote a stable financial status after completing the divorce process.

Family law involves solving child relocation matters where a client may want to move the child to another place after the divorce process. The practice area helps clients to get a domestic violence order against a spouse who abuses him/her physically. The order also encompasses false claims of violence that occurs in families. Family lawyers assist clients in handling the adoption process by the state laws. Additionally, they are involved in paternity cases that can be filed by either a mother or father. The mother often aims to safeguard the child support from the father while the father files the case to nurture a resilient relationship with the child.

Before hiring a lawyer, you should ensure that he/she come from a renowned family law firm. The lawyer should be highly experienced and have credible qualifications to increase your chances of winning the case. The family lawyer should have good communication skills to acknowledge your problems and represent you in court effectively. The lawyer should also understand financial matters to represent your financial issues in court. You should also consider the fees of the lawyers during a consultation or representation in court since some lawyers charge per hour.

The Role of a Family Attorney

A family lawyer assists in dealing with the legal issues of families including adoption, divorce, and child custody. They act as mediators during the onset of problems to help the clients to solve their differences and reach an agreement. Family mediation helps clients to save money and time by solving the issues before they reach the law court. Family lawyers also handle cases concerned with wills and estates by advising the clients about the necessary factors of creating a will.

Besides solving family disputes, family attorneys are crucial in negotiating prenuptial agreements for clients who are planning to get married. They also advise same-sex spouses regarding legal matters affecting their relationships. Family attorneys can also assist these couples in the process of adoption.

In conclusion, hiring a Staten Island family attorney is crucial in settling divorce or child support cases. He/she will save you time and increase your chances of succeeding. A family lawyer will also help in the negotiation of alimony after separation or divorce. Additionally, he/she will assist you to negotiate a reasonable amount of wealth in the prenuptial agreement.

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