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Staten Island High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

The end of your marriage is not something you anticipated. There were no obvious signs that trouble was coming. But now that it is here you must act and act decisively. Although the emotional strain of a divorce can be hard to deal with, there is very little time for it. You cannot allow anything to distract you from getting through the process with your fair share of the estate. If you are married to someone of considerable wealth and the estate has grown in size and value since your nuptials, then there is a great deal at stake now that you are splitting up.

Your first action must be to retain legal counsel. It is important that you get a grip on your position with regards to the law. A high net worth divorce requires you to take a deep interest in the affairs of your marital estate and your spouse’s finances. Until now you have been content to leave such matters in their hands; you had no reason to monitor or track where the money was going and how it was being spent. Now that you are divorcing you must get yourself up to speed on how it all works.

Hiring a lawyer who specializes in high net worth divorces will help you do that. Such lawyers tend to have a network of investigators and forensic accountants who have expertise in finding and assessing assets. You can put such professionals to work in your cause, so that you there remains not a nickel that you do not know about.

Your lawyer will also advise you on some of the special issues involved with these kinds of divorces. As soon as the divorce papers are filed the judge will forbid both you and your spouse from making large purchases, you will also be forbidden from liquidating assets and shifting large sums of money around. The aim is to keep the estate stable so that a proper assessment can be made of its value, which is a necessary first step in deciding how it should be divided.

One of the things you must look into is hidden assets. Your spouse may have been planning to divorce you for some time. In preparation for the move, they may have worked devised various schemes to put away money in places that are hard to find. There are plenty of legal and accounting tricks available to do such a thing, and you must make sure that you are not misled by any of them.

You have gotten used to a certain lifestyle. Throughout your marriage you have done your utmost to support and encourage your spouse. Indeed, your steadfast love, devotion, and partnership are partly responsible for their success and the flourishing of the estate. You deserve a fair share of the money and property. Working with a lawyer who has handled many other cases like yours will ensure that you get what is owed to you.

Your partner’s legal team will put up a fight. It will not be easy to get your due, but an attorney who has guided other clients through similar situations will be able to help you. The goal here is nothing short of justice. A person of tremendous wealth is trying to rob you of your fair share of it, and you must do all that is necessary to stop that from happening. At the end of the day you will prevail.

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