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Staten Island Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers

Same-Sex Couples Find Divorce Costs Them More: Why They Need A Lawyer

The very first state in America to legalize same-sex marriage was Massachusetts in 2004. It was a monumental moment in the struggle for equal rights. At the same time, it is still such a relatively new moment in American history. Few would have foreseen at the time that just a little more than ten years later, the practice of same-sex marriage would be legal across the entire country. While this is all very exciting for the LGBT community and their supporters, it also comes with some hidden costs.

Divorce Is More Expensive For Same-Sex Couples

In a blatantly unfair twist of fate, divorce actually costs same-sex couples more money than opposite sex couples. reports that this is because the courts will divide up assets of that couple only from the time that they were legally married going forward. This is regardless of the matter of how long the couple has actually been together. The court is not as interested in that question. It only cares about dividing up the assets as it is particularly described to do so in the law.

Cost Varies By State

Different states charge different amounts to get divorced. That is, it costs a various amount of money when you add things up such as the costs of lawyers and court costs. The costliest state currently according to CBS News is California. Other large states such as New Jersey and Florida are not far behind them.

It is troubling for same-sex couples who are in the middle of a divorce to have to worry about which state they are from as to how much their divorce will cost them. They are already so concerned with everything else that has happened as a result of the divorce, but then they are burdened with trying to calculate their cost to get divorced based on the state they just happen to reside in.

Courts Are Not Sure What To Do In Some Circumstances

Since same-sex marriage (and therefore same-sex divorce) are such new concepts to the courts, many of those courts are seeking outside help to figure out what they are supposed to do under particular circumstances. This too is adding to the cost (and confusion) relating to getting a same-sex divorce in a lot of places.

Why You Need A Lawyer

The difficulties described above should point you in the obvious direction of obtaining a Staten Island Same-Sex Divorce Attorney. Only these professionals can navigate through this relatively new and tricky area of the law. They have worked on cases just like yours in the past, and they are more than happy to help you get through these tough waters as well. Basically, you just have to put your trust in them to get things done right.

They will be your biggest advocate in the courtroom. They will fight to win you everything that you are entitled to. The subject of contention may be assets or even custody of children. Regardless, the attorney will always do his or her to protect your rights and gain for you as many of the assets as they possibly can. That is the role of the same-sex divorce attorney, and they take that responsibility very seriously. Never go into court alone, you should always bring as much legal counsel as you can reasonably afford.

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