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Who is responsible for sending you a copy of the divorce?10 Nov 2016

After a divorce is finalized and the papers signed, the parties involved in the divorce are entitled to receive a copy of the divorce. Having a copy of the divorce papers is important for a variety of different reasons. When divorce papers are signed by a judge, copies are supposed to be provided to each of the parties. If you have an attorney, your attorney should receive a copy of the papers. An attorney is required to keep their client advised about the case and has a responsibility to make sure you receive a copy of the divorce.

The divorce papers act as proof that the divorce has been finalized. The papers also set forth certain legal rights and responsibilities of the parties. Because of this, it is important the divorced persons maintain copies of the divorce papers. You should familiarize yourself with the contents of the divorce papers, to ensure that you do not violate any orders from the court. If parts of the divorce are confusing, you should consult with a family law lawyer to ensure that you understand what it contains.

If your divorce involves issues of child custody, you should make sure that you understand the custody schedule and follow all of its requirements. If you fail to follow the requirements set forth in the divorce papers, you could face legal consequences such as contempt of court. You should also maintain the divorce papers to ensure that the other party complies with the orders contained in the papers.

Divorce papers will usually set forth who is entitled to possession of certain items of property and who is responsible for certain debts. Sometimes you may need to show the signed papers to establish a right to possession of property, or to remove your name from any liability on debts. Divorce papers should clearly set forth the property and debts at issue, so there is no confusion about each party’s obligations.

Persons who are going through a divorce or may be contemplating a divorce should contact an experienced divorce attorney for legal advice and representation. A divorce attorney will protect your interests and advocate on your behalf. A divorce attorney will be familiar with the legal requirements and can ensure that your case complies. Divorce attorneys will know the common issues that arise during a divorce and afterward and can help protect you against these issues.

In some situations, certain provisions in divorce papers, such as child custody and child support, may be modified when circumstances change. A family law attorney can help you pursue modification, if the facts of your case so allow.

By working with a divorce attorney, you will be better informed about the process and your different options. This will allow you to make informed decisions as different options arise. An attorney will help you understand your obligations in the divorce so you are not confused or otherwise unaware of what is required. An attorney will provide you with a copy of the divorce papers and any orders from the court that may be issued.

Divorce can be a very stressful process. When combined with the complex legal procedures, rules and laws, a divorce can be overwhelming for some. By working with an experienced divorce attorney, you will have greater peace of mind knowing that someone is looking out for you. You will be able to understand how the law applies to your particular situation. When questions arise or if you become confused, an attorney will be available to guide you and make sense of things.

The legal team at Spodek Law Group has experience with divorce and strives to help their clients achieve their goals. They understand the complexities of divorce and family law cases and can help you assess your options. They seek to help their clients make informed decisions about how to proceed. If you are contemplating or going through a divorce or other family law issue, contact Spodek Law Group to schedule an appointment.

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